What Will Happen If A War Breaks Out Between America And North Korea


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Recently when 330,000 US soldiers took part in the military drill, it was considered as a rehearsal of war against North Korea, and seen as a provocation of war by Kim Jong-un, who didn't keep quiet and said:

The White House will be ASHES and the days of the US are OVER.

He Further Went On:

The world will clearly witness how the crime-woven history of the US imperialists will be over, how the despicable remaining days of the south Korean puppet forces will come to an end and how national reunification, the cherished desire of the Korean nation, will be achieved.

America has also deployed Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System (THAAD) in South Korea which is meant to shoot down missiles coming from North Korea and American Vice president Mike Pence has already warned when last month he was addressing sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan and said:

Any use of conventional or nuclear weapons would be met with an overwhelming and effective American response.

The Hostility Of Relationship Between North Korea And The United States Dates Back To The Times Of Korean War

There has been long enmity between two nations, however, at present, the tension in the relationship has escalated due to North Korea’s threats to strike nuclear attacks on the US and South Korea. The nuclear capabilities of North Korea are massive.

It has lately undergone five tests on nuclear weapons. It has also developed long-range missiles that are capable to strike targets that are thousands of miles away.

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The tension between the two nations is not seeming to lower. North Korea, with its progress in nuclear weapons and missiles, is being led by Kim Jong Un who considers Donald Trump to be a threat. Trump, on the other hand, has vowed that he would not let North Korea develop a long-range missile that has the capability of striking the US.

The U.S. has stationed approximately thirty thousand troops in South Korea and has even begun the installation of a missile defense system in order to protect South Korea from the attacks of North Korea.

Though the billionaire leader of America is well prepared to combat the situation, a nuclear attack by North Korea is sure to wreak havoc and create catastrophic results.

Technically, Any Of The Two- Between America And North Korea Might Start A War

However, if North Korea decides to attack South Korea first, according to experts they will make use of conventional military weapons like nuclear or chemical weapons. If the war begins and North Korea chooses not to use nukes right at the beginning, it would have very slim chances of succeeding over both American and South Korean military forces.

Air superiority will soon be established by the U.S. and missile batteries and artillery of North Korea will be destroyed thereafter. The air attacks might also cut off the supply lines and all the suspected sites of nuclear power in North Korea can be closed down.

Things Can Get Very Different If Nukes Are Put To Use

Kim has claimed that the missile testing was done only for the advancement of the space program, but this is a fact which is hard to believe. In case a rocket is fired, it is difficult to predict the launching capability of Pyongyang.

The prime targets are suspected to be Austin, San Diego, Hawaii and Washington D.C. However, the chances of causing massive damage to the U.S. is slim because probably the U.S. will definitely be prepared for such an attack and may even launch a preemptive attack in order to destroy the weapon.

The North Korean submarines are unable to get very close to the mainland of the US.

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However, if the warhead somehow becomes successful in making it to the US and explodes over any of the targets, for example, Washington DC, the damage would definitely be catastrophic. Most of the important administrative buildings will be affected though probably no harm will be caused to the residential areas.

The buildings within a radius of 5km will collapse, massive and fatal injuries will be incurred. The severity will be the most within the range of 3kms.

The North Korean Strategy Maybe The Lightning Attack

Using ICBMs, lots of artillery and with whatsoever weapons they might have, North Korea can initiate the sudden attack. But curb the world's biggest superpower cannot be practically so easy.

Some experts even claim that North Korea doesn’t have enough nuclear weapons and if war breaks it may be the short nasty war without nukes which will collapse the North Korea's government and result from the migration of refugees into neighboring countries.

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