If Donald Trump Is Right or Wrong, Anti Muslim Policies


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Donald Trump has made many outrageous statements which projects him to be first American President who is clearly an Anti-Muslim person, who never cares about his image while formulating Anti Muslim Policies. Has he taken this stand overnight?

Perhaps no, as he gives so many reasons in support of his Anti-Muslim Viewpoint: May it be 9/11 attack, increasing number Islamic terrorist attacks, the shift in local Americans opinion, in-humanitarian points for Sharia Law, Islamic Jihad, immigrant influx, Anti-Muslim sentiments surfacing all over the world etc.

But being American President his stand gathers great importance as he is the one who can lead the whole world towards Another Holocaust or complete peace and therefore the world is really watching him and his action, would want to see that what would be the next real stand of this political superhero!

Trump considers himself as the scholar & voice of Islamic Drawbacks who knows Shia and Sunni Muslims; Origin and differences and impact of Muslim dominance on the world.

For American Muslims: Donald Trump Is Shock, Fear And Resolve

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, has urged that they need greater police protection of mosques after many in California received letters that praised President Donald Trump and threatened Muslim genocide, the same handwritten, photocopied letter to the Islamic Center of Long Beach, the Islamic Center of Claremont and the Evergreen Islamic Center in San Jose.

The Letter Reads:

There’s a new sheriff in town — President Donald Trump. He’s going to cleanse America and make it shine again. And, he’s going to start with you Muslims.

According to Bharatwa analysis, America is one of the very few countries in the world who stands for treating everyone equally, with respect, generosity, and an open mind, regardless of where they come from, what they look like or their religion, etc.

These values are clearly reflected in US laws, however, American Muslims are really worried about their future, and they see Trump as the source of Shock, fear and resolve.

America’s Ideal is Shattering, Donald Trump Makes Outrageous Statements

We know Donald Trump, Mind-Blowing Journey to the Political Apex & Super-Interesting Life-Facts, but this jingoistic president of US is also known to use horrifying words against Muslims, not only for outsiders but one who is living in America for generations:

Donald J. Trump is calling for a complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.
Our Government is committed to setup a database for Muslim-Americans.
We are open to shutting down American mosques, noting- he'd have absolutely no choice" if "some bad things happen" in a mosque.
I think Islam hates us.
Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!
27% of the world's Muslims are "really very militant about going after things.

Trump is not Islamophobic, mostly he doesn't care, he is out an out, an American Nationalist, a sharp businessman, and an ego-maniac and above remarks are not just plainly spoken words but well thought of plans which once having materialized may be nightmare for not only anti-national elements but also for peaceful Muslim community of America.

This Is Why Donald Trump Is Anti Muslim

Imam Mohamed Magid, executive director of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, was one of 26 religious leaders from a diverse exhibition of faiths to participate in the inaugural tradition of Donald Trump and has given the message of peace and oneness.

But meanwhile he is also among one of having the view that Trump is trying to invoke the hidden racial, religious bias that is rooted in the sub-conscious mind of many Americans, he is hell-bent on polarizing communities by speaking a rudimentary language which many Americans love to hear secretly.

However, Donald Trump denies all above and has long explanations as for how he has become against Muslims and according to Political experts he may have taken his stand because of following reasons:

  1. Like an intelligent politician, he is speaking the language of the majority, as according to The American Values Survey, an annual poll from the Public Religion Research Institute, “76% of Republicans, 57% independents and 43% Democrats think that Islam is un-American”.
  2. He considers Muslim community responsible for September 11 attacks, which included series of four coordinated terrorist attacks and caused great destruction of the World Trade Center, nearby infrastructure, as well as the economy of USA.
  3. He had asserted that thousands of Muslims were cheering: I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.
  4. Donald Trump hates sharia law and thinks that large number of mainstream Muslims who are living in country have significant hostility towards the USA and Islam is incompatible to the values that the USA holds dear, he gives logic as A woman’s testimony counts half of a man’s testimony, Islam advocates Polygamy, problems of Sharia law which falls against the decent civilization like amputation, sentences to make one blind, Islam's hate Relationship with Homosexuality,  In Bangladesh rape victims are commonly flogged or beaten while in Pakistan rape victims get long prison sentences and sharia is against student loans, etc.
  5. Donald Trump seems to be worried about Muslim immigrant influx as Importing Muslims from Middle Eastern Countries would pose a tangible threat to the lives of American citizens, and thinks the risk is not worth it.
  6. Trump expect that Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other Muslim countries should be stepping up to the plate and America should not bend being a number one world superpower. The U.S. is a top producer of crude oil, its current rate of petroleum consumption is between 18 and 19 million barrels of oil per day, it produces a large amount of crude oil by itself but also need to import from the middle east as Keeping America competitive requires affordable energy.   However since it has started importing 17% of oil from the Persian Gulf and in-house production has greatly been enhanced, therefore he is no more dependent on Muslim countries as it was earlier and it is the time for the middle east and gulf countries to bend towards the US and not for the US to incline towards them.
  7. Trump thinks himself to be the voice of Anti-Muslim sentiments surfacing all over the world due to increased number of Islamic Terrorist groups like Islamic Jihad Union, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, Jamaat al Dawa al Quran, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Mujahidin Indonesia Timur, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage, Students Islamic Movement of India, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, Jamaat Ansar al-Sunna and ISIS etc.
  8. Donald Trump wants to make Tit for Tat to ISIS and an explicit message to 50 Muslim dominating countries to work for stopping the terrorism. Despite of many death-bed claims of ISIS, it has not run away from war ground and ISIS still hopes that majority of Christians in the West will be massacred, few remaining will become alienated from the country in which they live and who will be turned to slaves.  ISIS operatives believe, then that their Islamic pitch that the West is part of Islam will resonate more strongly and profoundly. Trump wants to reciprocate the same.
  9. He is against the Islamic Jihad and believes that 'Islamic Jihad, beyond misconceptions' is not a reality.

If Donald Trump is leading World Towards Another Holocaust!

Recently the 12 year old Islamophobic boy has said: "Trump wants another Holocaust!!!

Experts say that with the rise of Donald Trump Third World War has begun and his strong stand against Muslims could be a huge gift to ISIS as this will increase the number of hardliners who hate him and other religions, unfortunately, only a few people recognize this fact. The conflict isn't between communists of Russia or China, as we long expected, but instead between Muslims and America.

Some people think that in future Trump will make the soft stand against Muslims but his act of banning Muslim travels which later got stayed by the court and US court refused to reinstate Trump's Muslim ban, confirmed about the truth of his hidden policies against Muslims.

If you see the full list of Trump’s anti-Muslim cabinet picks then again you will easily smell his Anti-Muslim agenda: Jeff Sessions, KT McFarland, Michael Flynn, Stephen Bannon and Mike Pompeo.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Culmination of War on Terrorism but Still Uniquely disgraceful and if tension continues then it may finally break into war, not the war of nuclear weapons but war of slow destruction which America has already seen in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. but this time war will not be limited on external soil only but inside America as well.

At present world is running through a crucial stage as there are some highly sensitive areas where world war could start like: North Korean Peninsula (which would be the first big test of Trump administration), Syria, Cyberspace war with China, between its close ally India and Pakistan,

South China Sea and due to Impact of China’s Aggression – America to Recalibrate Defence Alliances and if Trump does not act sensibly then it may push the whole country into economic and social instability.

Does Donald Trump Really Mean What He Says About Muslims?

Two characters of Donald Trump are absolutely in contrast, when he is a businessman he behaves friendly but when he is president he behaves diplomatically or hateful, it is not about the Trump the capitalist vs Trump the president as obviously he must have to perform according to expectations, especially when at different positions but in the core he is he is a liberal tolerant with no anti-Muslims or migrants’ slogans, reason is very simple

Trump has been associating and dealing with Muslims probably for his entire adult life. I'm sure he had Muslim classmates at Wharton School of Business also, even he himself has claimed that he has at least 20 Muslim good Muslim Friends.

And it is not always about greed & business a successful person looks for and will stick to cheap methods like he will embrace you if he thinks he can make money from you and will be doing the reverse if he thinks you are secular, moderate Muslim or a ranting, radical Jihadi Muslim.

It wouldn’t be so easy for him to change American Policies overnight or go against a particular religion where no wise person would like to go, therefore we must trust & support Trump in reforming America for the welfare of all citizens including Muslims and Non-Muslims, present time can also be a good chance for Muslim to introduce the real Islam and prove Islamic Jihad, beyond misconceptions. Always radical moves have the inverse result and we have clearly seen this in the past.

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