World War III- The Countdown of End of The World!

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From the time of the Second World War, weapons of mass destruction have become more lethal; tensions between warring countries have become more tense and consistent. Many experts suggest that the third global conflict will not resemble Armageddon. It could be unimaginably destructive.

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The threat of a third world war from past few years has lingered in our minds. This video traces a series of historical stages that further fueled these fears, including the birth of the "cold war", the introduction of the nuclear arms race and other events that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Since then, non-working nuclear detection technologies and careless human errors have led to a number of close challenges. Regardless of the possibility of catastrophic failures, the promise of mutually assured destruction has long served as the ultimate deterrent to a full-scale nuclear conflict.

But this dynamics can change as a more unpredictable game volley for your own piece of the nuclear pie. Which was very dangerous.

The central element of the video is the extremely detailed scenario of the nightmare of the global nuclear holocaust. The first missile strikes may begin by sea.

Even the fastest retaliation will come too late, as hundreds of millions will die within a few hours, much more will be wounded without repair, and future generations will have to deal with the grotesque consequences of constantly present depositions. Global temperatures will quickly fall, and plasters of the vegetation of the Earth will wither and die.

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Threats to the longevity of our species are not limited to nuclear catastrophe. Many of world powers are now exploring the possibility of conducting a biochemical and cyberspace war. These cases can be much less pompous than a rocket, but they are no less harmful.

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