The 10 Emotional Stages You Go Through after Finding Out Your Ex is Engaged


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So, your ex is now engaged to someone else and you are spending your days thinking all about it and being sad? Huh! You don’t need to as you are not alone here. There are so many stages that people go when they find that their ex is living happily ever after with somebody who is not you and anyone else.

Below are some of the few stages that you might have experienced while finding out this situation:

1. Shock

You've blocked him, erased him, and expelled yourself from any online networking circles where you may chance upon a photo of him. Be that as it may, it's all futile when your closest companion sends you a 'Soooo, this simply happened!' screenshot of a wedding band and a refreshed "connected with" status.

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2. Anger

When you got to know about this thing, there comes anger. You definitely got angry while you heard that thing off against your ex but then controlling your emotions, you might have talked further.

3. Confusion

You are so madly in love with them, but that is sure that they will not be going to come back in your life and you are all doing is confusing yourself to the point that whether they will come back to you or not.

4. Jealousy

So you are getting jealous of not having them with you? Huh! You have to be jealous. A feeling that perpetually implies you make prompt arrangements to leave your place of employment to wind up plainly an expert online stalker keeping in mind the end goal to look through two years worth of photographs of the adversary couple on Instagram.

5. Panic

So you saw their picture together enjoying a beautiful dinner, that too a candlelight dinner at Bangkok or Thailand and you got panicked. You might have liked their picture together riding a scooter on the sea and now you are thinking of what you have done.

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6. Self–Examination

Now you might be visualizing all the happenings before you met as to find out what it took for them to leave you and live their life with someone other, whether it was my previous affair or the habit of having more male friends or that group fun we had before we met.

7. Self Doubt

Despite whether you did the dumping or not, no self-regarding crushed ex would avoid the self-question segment of whether you made the best decision separating. Alright, you hadn't engaged in sexual relations for six months, he made you feel like s*** more often than not and used to frequently "get" cash off you for the young men's ends of the week abroad.

8. Sadness

Uh oh! Tears….! They are flowing as soon as any picture of them together appears in your timeline; they flow as soon as you remember anything you spent together. Now what you will do is have something to eat and go through all the old photos of yours together and cherishing the memories you will sleep.

9. Mass Alcohol Consumption

Knowing the fact and agreeing upon it that you both cannot be together again, alcohol will be the only thing that will suffice you up and make you live your life easier.

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10. Accepting the Fact

Now, after everything, whether saying it's fun, happiness, drinks, cherishing old memories, hating them, seeing errors in yourself or doing all the things. You will be somewhere accepting this fact with an open heart that things will not be the same and you have lost that person and now they have a new one to be with and all you are left is memories to live.

It feels like a tornado took away with your every happiness, dreams and the future life when you came to know about your ex who's got engaged. Without any doubt, a person feels really stuck in between everything; life, work, dreams, future, moments and happiness when they got to know that their ex is engaged to someone else.

We got to know that ex is with someone who will be taking care and is being nice to them and you try to feel happy for your ex. But still, there are rage, disbelief, and devastation that take place and covers your joy for your ex-being with someone good. The feeling of why not you? Will never leave you and it makes you go in a dilemma of thoughts.

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