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Youtube a free video-sharing site was founded by Chad Hurley in 2005. The online video platform YouTube has captured the attention of millions all over the world, accelerated a thirst for fame among new generations, and altered the way we consume, distribute and monetize content.

YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. With so much content on YouTube, it's important to note that not all YouTube videos are appropriate for everyone, especially children under the age of 13. YouTube was the first global-level video sharing site on the Web, and it is available in nearly every country and over fifty different languages and it enjoys an unprecedented worldwide viewership.

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Both private individuals and large production companies have used YouTube to grow audiences. Everyone enjoying its services. Collectively, these visitors watch well over 3 billion hours of record content every month. Many celebrities took birth because of this amazing platform by reaching masses all over the world.

Today, all you need is a webcam and a passion. The film introduces us to Kebbbelkop, a young Dutch entrepreneur who announces an international subscriber base of over 7 million, he got his wings through YouTube. He is one of the brightest stars on YouTube, and his fame follows him wherever he travels around the world. His sticker? He attracts viewers to his love for games and shares bits of his daily life on his personal blog.

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Every year, he joins thousands of other creators, media influencers, and celebrities hopefuls at VidCon, an online video convention based in southern California. Here, superstar YouTubers rub shoulders with potential investors, advertisers, and other executives who are eager to capitalize on their success.

Many others attend simply for an opportunity to glance their favorite online celebrity in the flesh, or to learn the skills they need to eventually join their ranks. If you find a video that you like, you'll notice that there is also a comments section right below the video. Most videos have a comments section where users can leave their thoughts. Some video owners choose to disable this section.
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