Child Poverty Break Records in United States Of America

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In the recent time's rumors of America’s decline have been greatly exaggerated, however, you believe or not America will remain no. 1 superpower in foreseeable future. According to World Bank, GDP per capita of US is still 7 times more than that of China.

The US Accounts for 37% of global military spending, out of 9 largest tech companies in the world 8 are based in the U.S. and so on... Indeed since WWII USA is continuously sitting on the throne of world Superpower. Despite above rosy picture Child Poverty is a major issue for US and the statistics are really very daunting.

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In the USA, kid economic condition reached record levels, that affected quite sixteen million youngsters. Food banks face new demand, and in shelters for the homeless. There square measure currently long waiting lists, as a result of families WHO knew a way higher life square measure typically forced to depart their homes in only many days.

This world asks for youngsters whose families square measure troubled to grasp what really is the appearance in fashionable America's eyes. From the purpose of reading of the youngsters themselves.

This one-hour documentary offers a singular inspect the country's economy, moving the percent, and therefore the impact of state, foreclosures, and monetary issues that square measure discovered within the eyes of affected youngsters.

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