Hedgewar's RSS: Circumstances behind origin, It's Inspirational Sources and Objectives

RSS occupies an ‘irreplaceable and fundamental’ position, in our society and what Swayamsevaks do, makes ‘unparalleled’ contribution to our nation; It is the only example of patriotism

RSS- Historical Journey after foundation and Brilliant achievements

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) programs are mostly held during morning and evening and some include extensive physical activities like Kabaddi, climbing on one's shoulders, wrestling, etc.

Why India Should Be Renamed As Bharat

Name Bharat has many advantages over the Name India, Name Bharat has deep mystical meaning and restoring the old name will restore dignity of this great country

This is how RSS has been Misrepresented for political scores

RSS has been largely Misrepresented for political scores by Congress, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, media and not by Vallabhbhai Patel. RSS contribution to Nation

Biography reveals M. S. Golwalkar (RSS): Paramount Influencer in Modi’s Life

Narendra Modiji wrote, published in 2008 “Jyotipunj” , Biography of MS Golwalkar include his Spiritual Excellence, dedication to RSS, love, discipline

Nathuram Godse: Reasons behind Mahatma Gandhi's assassination and links to RSS

Nathuram Godse-Reasons behind Mahatma Gandhi's assassination, links to RSS, Psychology, Influence of RSS, Reason of his Radical Views

Who Did the Congress Had in Mind to Save When Col Purohit was Jailed? Secret Exposed!!

It is still a mystery that Col. Purohit is a culprit or victim of politics of then government who was desperate to prove that Saffron Terrorism exists.

Narendra Modi: Fascinating Unknown Moments of Childhood & Earlier Young Life

Narendra Modi, From a tea seller to PM of India, Fascinating facts of childhood and earlier life, Modi’s Sanyas and RSS, before Political Journey