This is How BBC Leaves No Chance to Malign Image of India on World Level


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India, like all the other countries, has their own issues. It has a population which is around 1.27 billion and in a nation with such high number of population, there might be a few chances of internal issues as well as discrepancies. There are much weakness like long gestation period from making policies and their implementation, religious and caste-based divisions, 'chalta hai attitude' at all levels, corruption etc.

But we also have great strengths like major chunk of our population is less than 40, FDI promoting policies, one of the fastest growing economies in the world, becoming manufacturing hub of world etc. and we don't need any certification from foreign channels like BBC for its success.

Unfortunately, there are certain western broadcasting agencies like BBC who never fail to publish the negative side of India, means only negative no positive in that, as if they are only the civilized state in this world. They always find a way of how to broadcast the evil, declining side of the country. They try to project the seamy side of the people living in India.

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Reasons Behind BBC Publishing More Negative News about India

Media houses are like cameras and cameras have different kinds of lenses. BBC is such an independent media group whose lenses are neither transparent nor clear and in an indirect method they are trying to influence the opinions of the viewers. They are completely biased against India. This negativity can be due to several reasons.

  • In terms of global media channels, India is still lagging behind. Until and unless the viewpoints of the Indians are not put forward at the global front, the situation is never going to change. We don’t have our own International media which can pitch voice for us internationally or keep the check on fake news.
  • Euro-eccentric news channel- BBC does not seem happy enough with the progress that India is making at a platform globally. Hence the people of Europe are getting pissed off with the fact that India is getting close to Switzerland, France, and Germany.
  • There was a time when India canceled treaties with the Europeans. Due to this, the European Union had to pay more taxes if they wanted to do business in India.
  • There is a small ignorant minority of people in the UK who holds very influencing posts, many of those are decision-makers in BBC. Those people bear certain negative stereotypes against India. 
  • They still believe that- since they have ruled India so they are superior and therefore, they see India only as: Poor and Poverty Struck, Real India is dirt and chaos, Indians Speak Hindi and they think English is superior to Hindi, Animals Roam around everywhere, Indians worship millions of gods, India is uneducated etc. With above stereotypes, they paint the wrong picture of India and then broadcast it. 
  • The fact is that today UK is more dependent on India than India is dependent on the UK. Indian companies invest billions of dollars in the UK, despite the fact that Britain's economy is just 17.5 percent of the whole EU. India is the third-largest source of Foreign investment in U.K.

You will be shocked to see about- what type of news is being portrayed by the anti-India based BBC

BBC is suffering from Indophobia and that too from decades or perhaps from the very beginning of its foundation. During the 1970s, Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India banned BBC for two years because of their derogatory reporting.

It was even banned for five years from filming in India’s tiger reserves. Most of their news included rape cases, train robbery or Interstate tax problems in India.

  1. Despite objections from the Indian government, it aired the Nirbhaya’s documentary which is commonly known as the “India’s daughter.” This made the agitated social media users target BBC. Several petitions were posted online asking the government to ban BBC.
  2. It even portrayed the 26/11 terrorist as “gunmen” which was criticised in the UK causing offense to everyone.
  3. BBC fabricated photographs of the conflict between Kashmir and India which created a negative portrayal of the Indian armed forces.
  4. BBC accused India of funding a Pakistani political party known as the “Muttahida Qaumi Movement.”
  5. Their reporting pattern mostly included rape, poverty, and malnutrition in remote areas of India and corruption.
  6. During India’s Mars Mission, BBC reacted in such a way as if how come a poor country like India afford a space program?
  7. They even made a documentary of the snake charmer community and kept referring India as the land of fakirs and uncivilized people.

Final Take

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When an elephant leaves for the market, a thousand dogs bark at him but still, he walks his own way. Therefore it will not be wise to ban BBC, let him bark. Indeed banning a news channel for airing is the last thing a country should do to exhibit its power and it does not convey good message also.

By doing this we cannot fall to the level of Pakistan. India is not a patriarchal and misogynist society, nor we are intolerant. All we need to do is- we should not listen the nonsense of BBC, we should not take the venom it is spitting and our media must expose BBC time to time to keep the check on him.

Although BBC is biased, being a reputed media agency, it is his responsibility to maintain unbiased nature so that they can provide neutral news to the readers and the viewers, this is especially important for its future survival also, as only neutral news have future, they have to change hundred years old mindset as soon as possible, advertising revenue of BBC is also falling day by day and if a super-giant India looks with serious eye then this poor BBC may become extinct forever.

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